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ShareTracker Goes to CES,
Part 1: Wearable Wearables

ShareTracker went to Las Vegas last week to check out some of the latest tech products. It was incredible to see such innovative devices everywhere and in every sector. From automotive to home automation, a common theme appeared to be the importance of connection by digitally linking people to their surroundings to help them measure, monitor, display, and track anything from laundry to workouts to automated driving.
We wanted to share a few of our favorites from CES across a couple different categories. This week, we’re putting a special twist on our traditional Friday Five by taking a look at wearable tech that improves your comfort, fitness, or even your game!

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Fitness bands and heart rate straps are so 2015. This wellness and fitness focuses sensor-enabled clothing works with the company’s BCX platform that tracks your workout performance while acting as an aerobic coach. They’re safe for your smart (or dumb) washing machine too!



You’re working out to add muscle and burn fat, but how quickly are you progressing towards your goals? Skulpt offers a couple of connected devices that measure body fat percentage and muscle quality using an EIM approach that avoids a lot of the inconsistencies present in BIA devices like you see in bathroom scales. These devices are like instant-read thermometers for your muscles.



Never get cold feet again! Digitsole is smart shoe that can warm your feet, track your steps and distance walked and count your calories burned. The shoes are Bluetooth enabled, charge wirelessly and the batteries last for a full day.



Heddoko is taking fitness tracking to a new level with a smart compression suit that tracks full-body movement. The garments have built-in sensors and a mobile app gives you live coaching feedback as you workout. There’s no excuse for sloppy form as your exercise movements are recorded and compared to goldstandards to warn you of injury risks.



While it’s not a ShareTracker subsidiary, we’re both big on data. You never have to wonder what your shooting percentage is with these basketball shot tracking devices and app. See where you’re most likely to make your shots and if your baseline jumper is on target more often than not.