Tech News Roundup

Tech News Roundup

Happy July! This week’s Friday Five takes a look at new technology developments like new Wi-Fi Alliance promises, a new form of wearable electronics, AI lawyers, undersea cables and a Siri-like app that will help you with your money.

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Google and Five Telecoms Start using 60Tbps Undersea Cable

via Ars Technica
“NEC is the supplier that built the $300 million ‘Faster Cable System’ for Google, China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, KDDI, and Singtel. It won’t be the highest-capacity cable for very long, as Microsoft and Facebook recently announced a 160Tbps undersea cable from the US to Europe, to be completed in October 2017.”Read More
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Wi-Fi Alliance Promises Faster Wi-Fi in new Products this Year

via The Verge
“Going forward, routers and devices that want to comply with its latest certification program will have to support three key new features: wider channel bandwidth, an additional spacial stream, and perhaps most importantly, MU-MIMO. That latest one has a horribly convoluted name, but it essentially just means that a router can send data to multiple devices at the same time.”Read More
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A new Chatbox would like to Help you with your Bank Account

via Wired
“This bot is called MyKai, and it’s the brainchild of Kasisto, a startup that spun out of the Silicon Valley research lab that helped create Siri, the talking digital assistant that comes with the Apple iPhone. Dovetailing with popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Slack, MyKai is meant to provide a simpler way of watching your money—or even moving it.”Read More
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AI Lawyer shoots down 160,000 Parking Tickets

via Engadget
“It’s not the most complicated bot, as it’s really just asking simple questions about the circumstances of the ticket and walking you through the appeal. However, it’s both effective (it successfully challenged 64 percent of tickets) and, importantly, free — you don’t have to pay a real lawyer to dish out advice.”Read More
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Meet the new Wave of Wearables: Stretchable Electronics

via FastCompany
“The product is the result of years of academic research into how to transform typically hard, rigid electronics into pliable materials that can easily conform to the contours of another object (particularly the human body) and send data to computers or smartphones using NFC and Bluetooth. With the technology finally advancing to the point of commercialization, stretchable electronics may soon impact everything from medical research to mobile payments to the way you navigate a crowded amusement park.”Read More