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ShareTracker Acquires Centris:

Third acquisition in two years continues to position ShareTracker as the leading provider of performance data on which top communication industry players depend.

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ShareTracker Acquires GeoResults:

With acquisition ShareTracker adds market insights!

ShareTracker Technology-Based Solutions

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For more than 10 years ShareTracker has helped the communications industry keep score by consistently delivering highly accurate market share and FlowShare measurement across all fixed and mobile services. We are the largest U.S. market research company dedicated to telecom market share and FlowShare measure products and analytics, and the most nimble, flexible, efficient and fast.

With ShareTracker, you get the technology-based data
you must have to make mission critical decisions –

when you need it, how you need it

ShareTracker’s highly accurate approach to determining market share and how broadband, voice and video customers move between competitors and technologies is your gateway to immediately improve churn rates, increase product penetration and grow your net adds.

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ShareTracker’s actionable data gives you the information you need to make highly informed and strategic marketing, network planning and operational management mission critical decisions.

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Technology-based data and complex data analysis using the largest panels in the industry give you a lens into cross dimensional households and B2B views on technology migration and segmentation at a granular level.

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ShareTracker News

ShareTracker Friday Five – 5.27.2016

May 27th, 2016|

Tech News Roundup

This week’s Friday Five focuses on the realities (both virtual and actual) of technology. We will look at how companies and organizations are utilizing virtual reality, what’s next for smartphones and what new technologies are happening in South Korea.

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ShareTracker Friday Five- 5.20.2016

May 20th, 2016|

Tech News Roundup


This week in the Friday Five, we’re focusing on the conveniences of new technologies in smartphones and fitness gear. We take a look at some predictions on innovations that could change the way we look at smartphones and announce a company’s return to producing Android phones and tablets.

Stay tuned for our next “Friday […]